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Inspire your team or company to help prioritize employee well-being.

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Service Description

Founder & Coach Shannon Talbot is an expert when it comes to beating burnout, creating work-life balance and motivating working professionals to implement and sustain healthy habits. Having worked in the corporate world for 17 years and now a Certified Wellness & Life Coach, Shannon can really relate to what participants are thinking and feeling. Shannon not only provides super practical and easy-to-implement tools and strategies, but she asks participants powerful thought-provoking questions that can make the difference between someone following through on their actions or not. Shannon believes most of us already know what to do to live happier, healthier and more present lives - it’s learning how to put it into action and overcome our obstacles that’s the hard part. Shannon inspires participants to overcome their obstacles and follow through in a way like never before. Depending on the topic, Shannon’s workshops help participants: * Get clarity on what they want and what having that will do for them * Recover from or prevent burnout * Create more work-life balance * Improve their well-being * Enhance their productivity to have more time and energy for the things they love * Maximize their success across all areas - health, career, relationships, money, purpose Set up a quick call or contact Shannon today to learn how Path to Presence keynotes and workshops can be customized to help you and/or your team!