Path to Presence Workshop Package

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5 virtual workshops to live a healthier, happier and more present life

  • Duration Varies
  • $20 for 3+ or $25
  • Zoom Workshop

Service Description

Create your Path to Presence, Health and Happiness and Save! Buy Path to Presence's signature workshops as a package and save 20% off the individual price. Recordings will be sent to participants if you can't make it live, or you can attend the workshop held later in the year. Shannon not only provides super practical and easy-to-implement tools and strategies, but she asks participants powerful thought-provoking questions that can make the difference between someone following through on their actions or not. Workshop #1 - Set for Success - Set up goals and a system to follow through like never before! A big part of achieving goals is ensuring they're the right goals in the first place. Shannon connects with participants through a powerful personal story about reframing goals to improve the likelihood of follow-through and a framework to measure goals against. Workshop #2 - From Burnt-out to Brilliant - Strategies to beat burnout at work and home. These are challenging times for everyone. In this keynote, Shannon inspires participants to recognize their own signs of burnout and how to navigate and reverse them, plus tips for sustaining them long-term. Workshop #3 - The Balancing Act - Guiding participants through what balance means for them and how they can get it. Balance means something different for everyone. In this talk, Shannon leverages her transformational coaching techniques and frameworks to guide employees through what balance means for them and how to get more of it. Workshop #4 - Healthy Habits for the Busy Professional - Tips to incorporate healthy habits that won't jeopardize your personal or professional success. People generally know what to do to be healthier but struggle with how to do it. Shannon will educate and inspire participants to incorporate healthy habits into their busy schedules in this f. Workshop #5 - How to be More Productive - Get time back by improving your time management skills. Multitasking, immense distractions, and competing priorities make time management especially challenging in today's world. In this talk, Shannon will challenge participants to look at how they spend their time, their priorities, and if the two align. Alignment between the two is a crucial success factor in highly productive people. SAVE 20% when you buy 3 or more workshops as a package. When buying 3+, workshops are $20 vs. $25.

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