From Stuck to Unstoppable

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1:1 Coaching - transform your habits & beliefs & live your best life!

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Service Description

Schedule a FREE 45-minute discovery call today to learn more about the 90-Day From Stuck to Unstoppable private coaching program and see if we'd be a good fit. There is zero obligation to work together after the call. In this 90-day, private coaching program you will: * Develop a powerful vision for what feeling unstoppable will do for you and your life * Uncover what’s been holding you back from having the health, career, relationships, finances and/or purpose you want * Learn strategies to recover from burnout and get your mojo back * Create more work-life balance in your life * Enhance your productivity to make more time for yourself and what you love * Revise your beliefs and start chasing your dreams Program Includes: -Welcome gift -1 x 60-minute private deep-dive kick-off session to develop a powerful vision for what being unstoppable means for you and your life -11 x 50-minute private transformational sessions -Working with a Certified Wellness, Lifestyle and Transformational Coach as your guide, cheerleader and tough-love coach, all with curiosity, never judgment who will both support and challenge you to go after your goals -New information curated just for you -Interactive activities -Worksheets and templates -Weekly action plans to set you up for success and follow-through on achieving your goals -Email/text support for any questions/challenges between sessions -2 emergency one-on-one calls -Have fun, while experiencing some incredible breakthroughs