I call bullshit! Seriously, someone has to call it, and today that's me.

OK, all you readers, be forewarned that this is Coach Shan coming at you in tough-love mode. Why? Because you need to hear what I'm about to tell you. Seriously, stop multi-tasking right now and read this post. This is me calling bullshit on you. Yes, YOU.

Don't look around, don't double-check that this email was meant for you – it was. Now keep reading.

Right now, I want you to make a list of everything you want in your life. Every single thing. Don't hold back. Write it all down, regardless of how unrealistic or silly it might sound. Stop reading this post and do it. List as many things as you can come up with and then come up with some more.

Think about your career, family, lifestyle, house, dreams, hobbies, social life. What do you want? Give yourself permission to dream big. If you had all the time and the money in the world, what would you do differently?

Done? Great!

Next, I want you to write down every excuse you have in your head as to why you can't go after what you want. List them all down! Even the ones that, as you're writing them, you realize how silly they sound.

Put them down anyway.

Need help getting started?

Here you go:

  • I don't have any time

  • I'm too tired

  • I don't have any money

  • People will judge me

  • I'll look stupid

  • I'm not qualified

  • I'm not brave

  • I'm not skinny enough

  • I'm not pretty/handsome enough

  • Work's too busy

  • My family needs me

  • I could lose my job

  • I could lose my friends

Now – go to your "what you want" list and put a star beside the 1-2 items that you really truly want in your life. Not wish but want. Something you'd be willing to work for. Something where if you achieved it, could genuinely change your life.

OK, now ask yourself how you can get it? What would take your list of excuses to zero? What&