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Wellness coaching and workshops to help working professionals maximize their well-being and success across every area of their lives.

Do You Feel Stuck?

So often, we hear about people who are stuck in a rut.  They have a lot going for them yet still don't feel happy or fulfilled.  Or they've put their dreams on the back burner as they're busy with their current career or family. 

They're exhausted, carry a lot of guilt and prioritize themselves and their well-being last.

Or they have trouble saying no and setting boundaries.

Sound familiar?

I get it.  That used to be me.  

I had a lot going for me, yet something was lacking. 


While staying at Sick Kids for 31 days (over five visits) with my son, I finally had time to think once my son fell asleep at night and asked myself three questions. "Am I happy?  Am I healthy?  Do I feel fulfilled?" My answers to all of those questions were "kind of." Well, kind of for me is not OK, so I knew things had to change.


I had a lot of anxiety and stress in my life.  I also lacked passion for my work and dreaded going to work in the mornings.  I started with finding a career I was passionate about and then expanded into other areas of my life.  I looked at what activities make me happy and what changes I need to make to be healthier physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I knew I wanted to help women live happier, healthier and more present lives one day, but as my background was banking and advertising, I had no clue how I could do it.

Then I discovered I could become a Health and Life Coach and went back to school.

I worked a demanding job, studied, started a business and a weekly blog, all while trying to help my kids with virtual schooling.  It was challenging but worth it.  

Now, as a certified Health & Life Coach and with firsthand experience, I help working professionals who are burnt out from juggling it all.  Together we maximize their well-being & success to have more energy, patience & joy in every area of their life. 

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Why Work with a Coach?

Unhealthy habits are not just about food and exercise; they’re about our inability to cope with the stresses of day-to-day life.

So many of us know what to do but we have a hard time actually doing it.  That's where a coach comes in.  We help our clients follow through in a way they never have before by being both a cheerleader and tough-love coach.  

Working with a coach, you can uncover what's holding you back from sustaining new habits and learn strategies so you can create long-lasting healthier lifestyle habits.  


Wellness Talks / Workshops

Looking to inspire your team or organization to live happier, healthier lives? Path to Presence will align and partner with your organization's wellness programs and goals by providing top-notch, customized programs for teams of all sizes.


"Asking for help has always been challenging for me and, by the time I reached out to Shannon, I felt like I was falling apart. I kept thinking that I should be able to figure how to be more productive and happier on my own; but, no matter what I tried, I just couldn’t get my head above water. Even though I was hesitant about spending the money, taking the time, and above all actually having to admit to someone how bad things had gotten, I truly felt that life could be a lot better than how I was making it. 


Having worked with Shannon for a number of sessions now, I regret not contacting her sooner. Her positive and encouraging attitude quickly set me at ease which has allowed her to guide me through figuring out what has been stopping me from leading happier life. From the smaller things (like wearing a bracelet that my child made which brings me moments of joy throughout the day) to the big ones like finally prioritizing myself which has actually benefited everyone in my family, I can say with certainty that my outlook on life has changed. I know that it’s a cliché to say that ‘life is what you make it’, but it is true; thankfully now, having shifted my perspective and habits, I am feeling more contentment, joy, and enthusiasm about today…and tomorrow." 

— Carol

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