Corporate Programs

Helping Companies Create Healthier
Lifestyle Habits for Employees

Companies with effective workplace wellness programs can see:


Higher revenue 

per employee


Fewer days of absenteeism per employee/year


Reduction in medical costs for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs


Reduction in absenteeism costs for every $1.00 spent on wellness programs

Source: Sun Life Financial Report: Profits of Wellness


Path to Presence will align and partner with your corporate wellness programs and goals by providing top-notch customized keynotes and/or workshops.

As a former corporate executive turned Certified Health & Life Coach, Shannon brings a unique perspective of how prioritizing self-care can lead to more success, personally and professionally. Shannon connects and engages participants with her passion and energy.  Through the use of knowledge, personal stories, frameworks and tools, Shannon educates and motivates participants to implement healthier lifestyle habits that stick and fit within the context of their busy schedules.

Sample topics include: 

  1. How to navigate burnout - strategies to recognize burnout and how to reduce it

  2. Healthy habits for the busy professional - tips to incorporate healthy habits that won't jeopardize personal or professional success

  3. Set for success - how to set-up goals and a system to ensure follow-through

  4. The balancing act - guiding employees through what balance means for them and how they can get it

Hire a Coach for a Day

Designed to help companies offer wellness services to employees as an added perk.

Employees can book a 1:1 consult with a Health Coach to discuss any healthy lifestyle habit related concerns such as eating, exercising, sleeping or managing stress better.


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“Shannon’s keynote on Healthy Habits for the Busy Professional was incredibly informative, easy to understand, and had tips that were simple to implement! Shannon is incredibly well spoken and the anecdotes about her experiences through her own health journey made her passion shine through and kept the audience engaged the whole time. I would highly recommend Shannon as both a health coach and a motivational/expert speaker.”

Alex Howard, Family Mediator & Divorce Coach, Midtown Mediation

“Shannon is a passionate and engaging speaker who brings the right amount of energy to her sessions.  Through personal story telling and frameworks, Shannon is easily relatable and practical.” 

Adrian Lang, Head, Operations & Small Business Solutions, BMO

“Shannon is an excellent speaker. She is articulate, fascinating, and inspiring. Shannon speaks from a place of honesty and empathy and can captivate a room with her calm yet positive demeanour.”

Ali Klerer, Group Account Director, Publicis