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Beat Burnout & Transform your Life

A 12-week program to revamp your lifestyle habits so you can increase your energy, motivation and joy.

Either 1:1 or in small, intimate groups, your coach will guide you through exercises, strategies and frameworks to:

Increase your Energy

Uncover what’s draining your energy and what to do about it.

Be Inspired

Get inspired to make real change

in your life.

Improve your Motivation

Get back to feeling strong and motivated to go after what you want.

Get Community Support

Be supported by a group that gets you and can relate to what you're going through. 

Have a Greater Sense of Wellbeing

Reduce your anxiety and stress so you can feel better in your mind and body.

Have FUN!

Bring more joy into your life so you can maximize your success, whether it be in your career, relationships or finances!


By working with Shannon, I was able to better understand what was causing my burnout, and she gave me some really helpful and practical tools to reduce it.  Over the course of a few weeks I felt more present and energized and I continue to draw on the techniques learned during our sessions.  


What was great about working with Shannon was she was always in my corner, encouraging me to reach my goals and letting me know that I deserved success and happiness. She taught me that by being more aware of my choices and why I was choosing to do certain things, I could consciously choose healthier habits. 


Asking for help has always been challenging for me and, by the time I reached out to Shannon, I felt like I was falling apart. Having worked with Shannon for a number of sessions now, I regret not contacting her sooner. Her positive and encouraging attitude quickly set me at ease which has allowed her to guide me through figuring out what has been stopping me from leading a happier life. 

What Clients Say

What's Included in the Beat Burnout & Transform your Life Program?

  • A welcome gift

  • A deep-dive kick-off session to develop a powerful vision for what maximizing your wellbeing and success will do for you and your life

  • A total of 12 x 60-minute weekly virtual group sessions where I'll be your guide, cheerleader and tough-love coach, all with curiosity, never judgment

  • Available as an individual program or in small group sizes enabling intimacy and interactivity where confidentiality and kindness are respected at all times

  • New information is provided weekly

  • Fun, interactive activities to put the strategies and frameworks into practice

  • Worksheets and templates so you can have all the resources you need at your fingertips

  • Weekly action plans to set you up for success and follow-through on achieving your goals

  • FUN!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are unsatisfied after one month of working together, you may withdraw from the program.


Why Coach with Me?

For 17 years, I rose the corporate ranks in banking and advertising.  My dream was to become a Vice President.  Lead a big team.  Travel.  Present.  Inspire.


I achieved these dreams, BUT I went about them the wrong way.  


I prioritized my career and my family but left little to no time for myself and my well-being. I never exercised, ate mainly processed foods and was exhausted most of the time.


For years I struggled with anxiety but chalked it up to being stressed. 


For years I hid my authentic self thinking I had to be somebody else to get ahead.


And for years, I told myself I was fine as it felt too guilty to want more when I already had so much going for me in my life.

Then it all changed.  Over the course of two years, I revamped my life, step by step.  I created all new healthy lifestyle habits, went to therapy, worked with coaches, and chased my dreams. I'm the strongest I've ever been physically, mentally and emotionally.  I'm also a better mom, wife, friend and working professional because of it.

I became a Certified Health & Life Coach and started Path to Presence Wellness Coaching to help busy professionals who are burnt out from juggling it all.  Together we maximize their well-being so they can be successful in every area of their life.